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I have not had the opportunity to use it very long as of yet, I’m trying now to wear it as much as possible, not just when working out.
First off, I’d like to say regardless of the copper benefits, this elbow sleeve is:
– Extremely comfortable
– Non restricting
– Fits perfectly
– Easy to put on
– You barely know it’s there ….

Easy to wear Elbow Sleeve to eliminate the PAIN!
As a long time nurse and hiker I know quite a bit about compression socks. These I wear while working mainly because of the toe box. The seam runs closer to the tip of the toes in this brand. Not necessarily a bad thing but it can cause irritation if it rubs on your shoes. I wear Dansko clogs at work so this is not really an issue there because of the spacious toe. I have 3 different hiking boots depending on season and terrain and they are all fit to my feet…
CopperJoint Compression Socks Review
This is the Copper Joint Calf Sleeve, comes in one piece. Same type of material you see in tights, stretchy thin material, except it is infused with copper. It’s supposed to help aid in muscle recovery, the compression, keeps the muscles in place as you work out and it helps with blood circulation as well. It’s pretty solid product. It says what it does and it basically acts as a pair of tights for the calves, so solid product.
CopperJoint Calf Compression Sleeve Review

Heya folks! We’re back at it again with yet another product review, this time in regards to CopperJoint Copper knee braces ~

I received these knee braces about 3 weeks ago and I honestly didn’t know what to expect from them being that they looked/felt so damn different. They’re thinner than most knee braces, a little bit longer and the material used (88% Copper Nylon/12% Spandex) is unlike any I’ve encountered before. Despite my initial skepticism though, I was pleasantly surprised – the combination of such unique blending in material made for unparalleled comfortability around my lower limbs.

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Maurice Bright - Copperjoint Copper Knee Brace Product Review

Lynn Ray, AKA as “Capt’n Crush” has set 2 World Records in the 2016 Golf Fest Show held in Longbow Golf Club Mesa, Arizona. Capt’n Crush is an 8 time Re/Max World Long Drive Finalist and an Arizona State Champion Winner Seniors 2014 long ball 412 yards. These are only some of his accomplishments. But one of the most notable highlights of his career is setting a Guinness World Record back in 2012 for Most Golf Balls hit over 300 yards in 1 hour. He hit a world record of 272.

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Golf Fest 2016 - Lynn “Capt’n Crush” Ray Sets 3 World Records
After using these knee sleeves for a week, I give my thoughts as well as the main features of this product.

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CopperJoint Knee Sleeve Review - Stevie Richards

Helps To Relieve Aches & Pains

Super soft, comfortable, and definitely high quality. There are so many benefits to this copper elbow sleeve — even preventing injuries from happening. Overall, a lightweight, soft, and beneficial elbow sleeve that delivers as stated.

CopperJoint Elbow Sleeve Review - Cher

This is a very well made and designed compression sleeve. I ordered the medium which works fine for me. My thigh measures 17″ five inches above the knee.
Pleasant cooling/warming sensation when warn. Helps alleviate mild knee pain during heavy leg press.
Very comfortable and breathable (if you pick the right size)
Easy to put on and take off
Easily washable
Overall: I’m happy with this compression sleeve since it actually does what it advertises.

CopperJoint Knee Sleeve Review - Stefan Urquelle

This is a very well made and designed compression sleeve.

Pleasant cooling/warming sensation when you put it on. Helps alleviate my tendinitis
Very comfortable and breathable (if you pick the right size)
Easy to put on and take off
Easily washable
Overall: I’m happy with this compression sleeve since it actually does what it advertises.

Please watch the video for an overview of the product.

CopperJoint Elbow Sleeve Review - Stefan Urquelle

..and true story, they actually ended up falling asleep and also going out into public and just wearing it and just forgetting it was on. So that’s how comfortable it is but their pain, actually in their elbow area, actually went away so they weren’t complaining of pain and it was so comfortable they end up leaving it on for more than 12 hours, which is quite amazing. You do get a couple of things here. They said they want you to read the reports first. I didn’t actually even read those yet, but you can definitely go ahead and go to copperjoint.com/download to take a look at those.’

Copper Infused Elbow Sleeve Review

Doctor Jo takes a look at the Copper Joint Knee Sleeve. This moisture wicking knee sleeve has all the benefits of a regular knee sleeve, but it’s infused with copper to also provide anti-odor and anti-bacterial properties.

The Copper Joint Knee Sleeve “hugs” your knee to give it just the right amount of compression to increase blood flow to help speed recovery while providing maximum comfort. It stays in place and won’t move around or bunch up like some other sleeves.

CopperJoint Knee Sleeve Review - Ask Doctor Jo

‘Bought this CopperJoint Knee Sleeve for my 79 yr old mom. She had knee surgery but was still having some discomfort. I ordered the 2xl as I knew she wouldn’t want it extremely tight. She loves it. She says the material is very comfortable on her skin. I’m a happy customer because my mom is happy! So if any of you people out there that is watching this have any kind of knee problems like my mother has, well, I will strongly recommend you getting the CopperJoint knee sleeves, you are going to be glad you did!’

She says the material is very comfortable on her skin

‘I Received the CopperJoin Knee Sleeve as my husband started to complain about his knee bothering him again. He has had 5 surgeries on his knee, and finds himself often with swelling and discomfort. He was little iffy about trying it, but 24 hours later was thanking me. He drives a lot which puts a lot of pressure on his knee, and using it just for a day, the swelling has come down, and so did the discomfort. He was impressed. We have tried a lot of compression knee sleeves, and they mostly do not help, and cause more swelling. This was not the case. Guys, you just earned a new #1 fan.’

You just earned a new #1 fan

‘I have had knee pain and problems for about 10 years now and have tried every knee brace and sleeve out there. I read up on how copper helps out arthritis and join paint so i figured i would give this a try. Over all i am finding my knee is in better shape after a work out and is feeling better. For sure recommend it.’

Comfortable and minimizes my knee pain

‘This is comfortable to wear and goes on easily. It’s meant to minimize injury and provide muscle support between workouts. I got an XL size due to a 20-inch circumference around the thigh 5-inches above the knee. It’s tight but not too tight and should help with discomfort’

Great knee sleeve


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