6 Need to Know Facts about Restless Leg Syndrome (part 2)

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Fact 4: Causes Just as the diagnosis of RLS is difficult, identifying the cause behind RLS has also been tricky for modern medicine. One theory is that there may be a genetic component, which would appear to be supported by cases where relatives of RLS sufferers also eventually have RLS. RLS tends to be found [...]

Compression Socks and Restless Leg Syndrome

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How can what you wear help how you sleep? Ordinarily, the connection might seem farfetched and quite unlikely. That is, beyond such basic things as how wearing comfortable clothes that fit well and are not too restrictive can allow us to lie down peacefully and enjoy a restful sleep that isn’t made itchy or stuffy [...]

Compression Socks: Do They Really Help with Your Leg Problems?

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Physical fitness has long been a significant part of human life, even pop culture. Think back to the 80’s and all the aerobic exercises and heavy bench pressing that caught on like wildfire, inspiring everything from music videos to fashion trends (all on top of the actual working out, of course). The 1990’s saw the [...]

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