Nutrition Facts of Cinnamon for Joint Pain and Other Health Benefits

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Is Exercise Enough to Keep Your Joints Healthy? These days, you can’t assume that you can get by and live the healthiest possible lifestyle through exercise alone. While there really is no doubting the efficacy of exercise in terms of developing, strengthening and reinforcing the body, it alone can be limited in terms of impact. [...]

Honey Turmeric Chicken Recipe for Joint Pain and More

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Enjoying Your Food for Joint Pain Joint pain is nothing new to many people, even those who don’t fall within the age bracket commonly associated with feeling advanced signs of pain due to age. Basic issues like cartilage degradation in the joints, resulting in the reduction of cushioning that would otherwise prevent bone [...]

Crossfit for Dummies: 10 Ways to Injure Proof Yourself While Training

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Have you ever considered trying crossfit but have second thoughts because of the number of injuries related to this training routine, well there are ways to injury proof yourself. Read on and find out how to injure proof yourself while doing crossfit. Crossfit is now one of the more popular methods not just in making [...]

Why Choose Ketogenic Diet: A Complete Guide for Beginners

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What is the Ketogenic Diet? There are, of course, diets that have been formulated with specific goals in mind. The ketogenic diet, for instance, is one currently popular diet that has a number of benefits associated with it. Similar to the Atkins and other low-carb diets, the ketogenic diet is one that is low-carb and [...]

Healthy Joints: Top 2 Recipes to Make Joints Healthier

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Living a healthy lifestyle is all the rage these days, and why wouldn’t it be? Everybody’s looking to keep a slim and trim shape, in the face of all the stressful and unhealthy parts of the modern lifestyle. People have tried to include more active choices into their daily schedules, and have indeed made room [...]

Guide to Intermittent Fasting: What are the Pros and Cons

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Before you start giving up on losing weight to become fit, you can still raise your hopes up. Everything is not yet too late. Everything is never too late, especially when it comes to weight loss for health. But when you seem to have tried everything else and nothing seems to work, would you turn [...]

5 Healthy Lifestyle Changes to Fight Aching Joints

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Going around these days one gets to see a lot of people embracing healthier lifestyles. People do this for a variety of reasons – for one, we have a much better understanding of the ailments that would ordinarily plague us and as such we have a better idea of how to combat them. Others just [...]

Compression Sleeves: Benefits of Proper Compression Garments

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Fitness is something that’s come to be on everyone’s agenda these days, with more and more people becoming open to the idea of taking time out of their day to devote to a healthier lifestyle. This is the best possible time for this to happen, too, considering science has grown in leaps and bounds and [...]

How to Manage Sciatica Nerve Pain and Reduce Leg Pain

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What is Sciatica Nerve Pain? If you happen to have a pain on your buttocks that goes down to your thighs, then legs and also to your foot, you might have what doctors call sciatica nerve pain. You might want to read along if you are experiencing this kind of pain. Know the different symptoms, [...]

Healthy Lifestyle Changes to Avoid Chronic Joint Pain

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There is little disagreement about how obesity is a definite problem facing people these days. Even in the shallowest possible sense – the stigma that usually accompanies being overweight – the problem can be clear. However, obesity’s true danger lies in the threat it poses to our health, especially over the long term. Thankfully, people [...]

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