New Season New You: How to Renew Your Fitness Goals Using Low Impact Exercises

If your exercise routine suffered during the winter months it’s time to get up and go at it again. The outdoors will soon be calling your name. Will you answer the call? Yes! Of course you will because that is what you live for. But wait. What about those pesky muscles and joints that are [...]

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9 Sure Ways to Fast Track Injury Recovery and Prevent Muscle Soreness

How Do You Recover Properly? If you’re alive in the modern era, never mind if you were born before or during it – you’re part of the modern race. Not race as in a class of beings, but a concerted effort to get ahead and stay ahead, or simply just to keep up and not [...]

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10 Sure Tips to Prevent Back Pain

Regardless of whether you feel you live a particularly active or sedentary lifestyle, the functionality and comfort of your back must be important to you. And why wouldn’t it? It’s involved in everything you do, and does more than you think it might. Your hands and arms aren’t the only things involved in heavy lifting, [...]

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6 Exercises to Prevent Knee Pain

Making Physical Fitness Top Priority Physical fitness is priority number one for more people than ever these days, and even for people who don’t pursue it ahead of everything else it’s still pretty up there as far as priorities go. This mindset has influenced many people’s decision-making processes of late, having them realign aspects [...]

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6 Ways to Get Addicted to Exercise

We all know how important exercise is to us, and now more than ever in fact. We have a far better understanding of the human body and what’s good for it than we ever did. However, this knowledge still doesn’t seen enough to light a fire under us to actually go ahead and do it [...]

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12 Simple Ways to Keep Healthy Bones

Creaking bones? Finding it hard to up and down the stairs? Sore muscles after a game? Most of us will feel these problems age 35 and up. But these symptoms of aging can be prevented. Most of us don’t realize that maintaining healthy bones and muscles is easy as 1-2-3. Before you get to the [...]

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How to Create the Perfect Workout Wardrobe

These days it’s not enough to just live a quiet, peaceful life – arguably, the more quiet and inactive your life, the more you place yourself at risk of the ailments that can befall a sedentary person. No, these days it’s more important than ever to be active, if only to counteract the potentially unhealthy [...]

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