Treat Your Elbows Right and Enjoy Your Favorite Activities Again

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Is tennis elbow hindering your work, home life, or playtime on the sports field? Why not treat your elbows right so you can get back to enjoying your favorite activities again, pain free? Pain from tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) shouldn’t be ignored because it can get worse, but finding the right treatment plan is complicated. [...]

Cervical Related Pain: Risk Factors, Prevention and Treatment

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Sometimes the pain that we endure is not just caused in the area where we feel it. It can be a side effect of something more serious. This is most irritating because the pain comes with other pain. For example, when you have spine disorders, you just don’t feel the pain in the spine, it [...]

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome: What is it and How Can Compression Garments Help

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Modern life has fitness as being central to the way we live and even the way we divide our time. Where once fitness was mainly viewed as a fairly niche pursuit only really engaged in by aerobics nuts or weightlifters, these days health and fitness are part of everyone’s schedule – people take time to [...]

Elbow Pain No More! How to Take Care of Your Elbows

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These days we’ve grown to think of ourselves as so fit and healthy that we can do pretty much anything. Now, for most of us, that’s probably true. Many of us have come to develop habits and routines that keep them in the best shape for a variety of needs and circumstances, and they find [...]

Top Elbow Exercises for Healthy Elbow Joints

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Healthy joints are an investment. If you have treated them well when you were younger, you will have better joints when you age. But if you have abused them while you were younger they will take a toll on you when you grow older. You will have aching joints when it’s cold; when you exercise [...]

Top 6 Natural Remedies for Elbow Pain

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How Much Do You Know About Elbow Pain? Did you know that the elbow is a complex system which, like other joint systems in our body, relies on the smooth interaction between muscles, tendons and bones in order to allow us to manipulate objects or support our weight? A staggering number of small bones and [...]

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