Running Copper Compression Socks

Ideal for runners and athletes, the CopperJoint socks help control the natural shock and vibration associated with high-impact movements, helping to keep tension and stress to a minimum and reducing strain on crucial joints and ligaments.

Unlike inferior products that use copper oxide, the copper ions in CopperJoints’ premium socks do more to keep circulation healthy and key muscles supported. High-end compression, maximum comfort, and support you can depend on.

For unmatched comfort and durability, you can count on when it’s needed most, buy the CopperJoint high-performance copper-infused running socks to stay dray and nimble in any situation.

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Product Description

Make every minute count with running socks that are built to perform the way you live, featuring genuine copper ions that make them able to withstand the demands of high-performing athletes, busy workaholics, and anyone who stands on their feet from sun up to sundown.

The central features that set apart the CopperJoint socks from competitors and make them a versatile option for users of all age groups and applications include:

  • Lasts longer thanks to superior construction
  • Allows for a longer duration while involved in exercise or activity of any kind
  • Encourages circulation and blood flow to muscles for faster recovery time and less fatigue
  • Oder elimination and antiseptic qualities keep your feet infection-free and smelling your best
  • Thermal stabilized properties let the socks stay cool in heat and warm in cold temperatures

Make sure that your feet remain clean and dry for longer, with moisture-wicking properties that improve endurance and prevent the spread of unwanted fungus or bacteria.

Perfect for sensitive feet or toes, or anyone who suffers from diabetes or arthritis, the CopperJoint high-performance running socks help to maintain optimal balance and blood flow over long durations, so your feet will feel healthier, happier, and more refreshed.

Feet pain not your only concern? No problem. Check out our full product line: Elbow, Wrist, Hands, Knee, Calf, Ankle, Socks, Feet

Additional Information

Weight 3 lbs

S – M, L – XL


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