Knee Pain

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From elite athletes to elite errand-running moms, knee pain from injury, overuse, or arthritis is an unwelcome guest that can seriously mess with your mojo! Simple stairs and steps can look insurmountable, your hopes of taking up running again can seem like fading dreams, and that back squat personal record may appear to be waving goodbye for good.

And heaven forbid a permanent prescription to ibuprofen be your only
hope at a little relief!
(Those poor kidneys…)




Thousands of people have discovered this drug-free, 100% Money-Back Guaranteed, simple solution to knee pain it’s
time you do too! And what’s more, we’re offering you our 100% Copper-Infused Compression Knee Sleeve
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In October 2014, Stefano (founder of CopperJoint) was vacationing in Vietnam when he decided to take kitesurfing lessons. As he and his instructor got to talking, the instructor mentioned how the daily strains of kitesurfing had led to serious and severe joint pain. The years of isometric strain had caused the pain to become almost unbearable – but kitesurfing was his passion and livelihood. Determined to discover a solution, he experimented with both compression and copper to see if a natural, simple, drug-free remedy to his ailments existed. His research and experimentation proved promising – with his trial-and-error experience and Stefano’s ability to ensure efficient, quality production as well as his knack for excellent customer service, they embarked on a journey to perfect the copper-infused compression sleeve.

Since then, CopperJoint has developed high-quality, highly efficient compression sleeves for most major pain points and has accumulated thousands of happy, healing, and pain-free customers along the way.

Since then, CopperJoint has developed high-quality, highly efficient compression sleeves for most major pain points and has accumulated thousands of happy, healing, and pain-free customers along the way.


These things are awesome. I had bilateral knee replacement surgery last August 29th. Went back to work three months later. I am on my feet for 12 hours, 4 days a week moving around, lifting heavy items and this takes it’s toll on my new knees. They hurt.
Compression socks were not helping and they would always need “pulling up”.
I found these through online search looking for some relief.


Love these things. They keep my knees warm or cool depending on outside climate. No sweat build up in hot summer. Best of all no pains at all.
So happy I bought a second set for if the first pair ever wear out. Thus far only the gold logo pealed off but this was cosmetic and dose not affect the functionality of these. Highly recommended!


Unlike other compression sleeves, CopperJoint products aren’t simply tight garments with a logo attached – CopperJoint products are specially engineered to feature graduated compression. What’s that? It means the compression of the sleeve intensifies in the areas needing relief. While the benefits of compression are well-researched in the sports medicine world, CopperJoint products are designed to maximize the compression effect:

  • Dilate arteries for increased oxygenated blood flow
  • Constrict veins to eliminate lactic acid buildup
  • Comfortably support muscles to reduce fatigue from shock and vibration

You can think of our sleeves as creating a natural pump within your circulatory system near your knees – they enhance blood flow while pushing out the buildup that may cause swelling and inflammation. In short, our four-way compression design works to:

  • Enhance performance
  • Speed Recovery
  • Provide Relief



20% OFF!





…so far I’m in love! I’m an old, former gymnast-sprinter with 6 surgeries behind me and a second knee replacement in the future. My right hip is out of whack due to my favoring my stronger left side, and my knee was getting the worst if it. Plus I was doing 5 classes of Zumba a week, in addition to other exercise, and I finally couldn’t take it. I have tried just about every pill, cream, therapy, brace, shoe insert out there and said what the heck to this copper one. I put it on today about 11 and it hasn’t come off. NO pain. I’m walking normally. Let me repeat…NO pain… – Robin C


CopperJoint products are interwoven at the molecular level with genuine copper ions (Cu+ and Cu++ to you chemistry majors) rather than copper oxide (Cu2O). Cheaper, less effective products use copper oxide – and the truth: Copper oxide is NOT copper. We believe that if you are buying copper-infused compression garments for copper’s healing properties, you better get actual copper. And copper makes our garments work well under any load, stress, or circumstance.

Although not yet scientifically proven, users have hailed the healing power of copper for years. They believe that damaged nerves trap electricity in your body that ultimately causes pain, burning, redness, loss of appetite, insomnia, headaches, and more. Copper may pull the electricity from your body to relieve your pain, allowing you to heal.

What is scientifically vetted, however, is that copper contains antibiofouling (or the prevention of microorganisms, plants, algae, or animals accumulating on wetted surfaces) and antimicrobial properties. Thus, embedding copper into the fabric of our compression garments helps to keep them odor- and germ-free. Now you can wear your sleeve longer without worry of offending those around you at the gym or at work. You can keep your skin free of fungus even in extremely hot temperatures.
And you can reduce the spread of bacteria to lifting buddies,
jogging partners, coworkers, and yourself!

Genuine copper is known to

  • Kill 99.9% of microbes
  • Resist fungus formation
  • Reduce odor

Get 20% OFF Your Genuine

Copper-Infused Knee Sleeve now!




Don’t They Get Hot?

The short answer: No. CopperJoint Compression K.nee Sleeves are thermogenically stabilized. That’s a fancy way of saying that our breathable, high-performance material stays warm in the cold temperatures but cooler in the heat. Additionally, it’s UPF 50+, so it also keeps you safe from sunburn!




These knee sleeves are so effective it is truly amazing. Within an hour of putting them on I started to feel a difference in my knees. Initially the fit was a bit small, they felt too tight around the top band. I contacted the company regarding this and their customer service is just amazing! Positively unparalleled in todays world. They sent me the next size up within a few days and asked that I pass the others on to someone who could use them. They were so friendly and helpful and really want you to get benefit from their product. They believe in what they are doing and it really shows. My new size fits perfect, never moves around, allows me to bend my knees completely because of their light weight and thickness. They are almost like tights but offer this great compression and between that and the copper my knees feel great all day and it really stays with me even on days I don’t wear them. An excellent product and an excellent company to do business with.





Still Have Questions? No Problem!

CopperJoint® combines science and skin health benefits for improved mobility, performance, recovery and relief. All CopperJoint® products’ fabric eliminates odors caused by microbes and offers UPF 50+ protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. All our product line is designed with comfortable 4-way compression fabric you can wear all day and throughout the night for faster muscle recovery and rejuvenating relief from aches and pains, ergonomic seaming for superior comfort and a full range of motion to help you perform at your peak.

All CopperJoint® products are machine washable. Wash in warm water with like colors and do NOT use bleach or fabric softener.
All CopperJoint® are dryer safe. Tumble dry on a gentle setting and do NOT use dryer sheets.
We recommend following these care instructions to maximize the durability your CopperJoint® products. Improper care should not yield immediate damage, but we cannot guarantee product performance if it is continued for an extended period.

There is no specific amount of time for it to be worn, but four hours of wearing the sleeve is more helpful for the joint than just wearing it for an hour. Remember, the key is to wear it as long as your body is comfortable wearing it.

The seam can be worn on the back or side of the joint depending on where you want the logo to appear. The logo is just opposite the seam. Just make sure you are wearing it comfortably and the compression on the joint is just about right, not too tight and not too lose.

It will definitely help your joint pain the next day if worn overnight. The light compression offered by the sleeve along with its copper technology enhances blood circulation and oxygenation of the muscles and joints; therefore helps avoid injuries during exercise, and help avoid muscle stiffness and soreness after the physical activity. The compression brought about by the sleeve will even give you a good night’s sleep!

CopperJoint® products can be worn all day and all night for rejuvenating relief, improved circulation, and faster muscle recovery. All of our compression products feature a lightweight design with anti-odor technology, moisture wicking, anti-chafe seaming for comfortable wear for any activity. We recommend wearing our products during sleep and light to intense physical activity.

For the level of stability, the sleeve is designed to give you light support to make you move better and making your joint more secure and feel better. Other sleeves can be quite heavy – that is why we have designed a sleeve that can be light on the skin but at the same time provide support. To clarify, CopperJoint sleeve provides light support and not restrictive support like braces or neoprene sleeves. Compared to a neoprene sleeve, it offers much less support and stability BUT with a neoprene sleeve you are very restricted in your movements. This makes your muscles get lazy and rely too much on the stability given by the neoprene sleeve.

To answer all these questions: Yes! Yes! And Yes! Wear them even if the joint still isn’t hurting! The best way to maximize the sleeve is to wear it before, during and after your workout. You can also practically use it any time of the day since it: 1) feels great; 2) is odorless (due to the antibacterial characteristic of the copper infused within the fabric); 3) does not restrict movements (light material); 4) does not get hot (thanks to our copper infused nylon, higher temperature is tolerated as compared to other simple nylon compression sleeves).

Yes, we offer standard international shipping which can take 10-21 business days to deliver.

All of our products come with a Lifetime Warranty. Hands down, we offer the best customer service and guarantees in the business. We back every product we sell and will happily refund your money if you are not 100% satisfied. If a product is defective (unlikely with our rigorous quality control), we’ll ship you out a new one right away – no need to return the defective one. In other words, we feel if you buy something from us, you should get what you expected, period.

Our gloves and socks are sold in pairs. All other products are sold in single sleeves.


Yes, absolutely. Our comfortable, flexible design offers the compression you are looking for without restricting movement or limiting mobility.

Yes, you can wear your sleeve in water or while swimming. However, please understand that the copper’s effectiveness will deteriorate more quickly. We guarantee our fabric to maintain 99% of its capabilities (anti-microbial, anti-smell, anti-biofungal, and enhanced healing) for up to 40 washes. Using it in water or in a swimming pool will shorten its effective lifespan.

If you are in between sizes, select the larger size.

The copper logo is only aesthetic. The “active” ingredients are bonded at the molecular level to the fabric threads.

When you have finished shopping and view your cart, there will be an option that asks “Have a Promotional Code?” Enter your coupon code in the field below and click the Apply Coupon button. The discount will be applied to your total.

Yes, definitely, as long as the item is not too tight which can slow or even stop your circulation.

Although some people experience noticeable relief in as little as a few hours, we recommend you consistently use our compression sleeves for at least a week to achieve the desired results.

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