Top Elbow Exercises for Healthy Elbow Joints

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Healthy joints are an investment. If you have treated them well when you were younger, you will have better joints when you age. But if you have abused them while you were younger they will take a toll on you when you grow older. You will have aching joints when it’s cold; when you exercise [...]

Joint Exercises: How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

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Excuses! Excuses! Excuses! There are so many reasons that we can’t think about to skip our workout routine. There’s the traffic, I forgot this and that, I’m too busy, will do it tomorrow and of course the best excuse, I’m too tired, I had a really bad day at work! These are just some of [...]

Obesity and Running: How to Motivate Yourself to Run

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Obesity is a problem. This much is true, although the typically-accompanying social stigma should really be left behind. When we say obesity is a problem we mean healthwise, and it’s nice to see that people have grown to recognize this more and more in modern society. It wasn’t too long ago – and in fact [...]

Beginner Exercises to Fight Obesity

By | 2017-05-04T21:11:18-06:00 December 3rd, 2015|Categories: exercise|Tags: , , |

Being overweight is something that used to be a sitcom staple as far as jokes went, but fortunately as a society we appear to be past that point by now. No, obesity is finally and deservedly seen as a serious concern that needs to be addressed out of an interest in the well-being of other [...]

6 Exercises to Prevent Knee Pain

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Making Physical Fitness Top Priority Physical fitness is priority number one for more people than ever these days, and even for people who don’t pursue it ahead of everything else it’s still pretty up there as far as priorities go. This mindset has influenced many people’s decision-making processes of late, having them realign aspects of [...]

How to Strengthen Core Muscles for Cycling

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In your biking adventures, have you ever experienced being short of breath, not being able to push to the next level and just not able to finish that race. Having a strong core is what a biker needs, as much as any other athlete. Whatever sport you are into, having a strong core gives you [...]

6 Ways to Get Addicted to Exercise

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We all know how important exercise is to us, and now more than ever in fact. We have a far better understanding of the human body and what’s good for it than we ever did. However, this knowledge still doesn’t seen enough to light a fire under us to actually go ahead and do it [...]

Ankle Injuries and 12 Low Impact Exercises

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Ankle injuries are almost always part of an athlete’s life. When an athlete gets an ankle injury for the first time, recuperation is hard. Minor ankle problems like sprains and strains can be avoided with proper compression garments and shoes during a game or a workout but some ankle twists cannot be avoided even if [...]

Beat Your Ankle Sprain: 7 Effective Ankle Strengthening Exercises

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If you want a healthy overall physical body, you must have a stable active joint performance. Joints are very important for athletes to perform well. Even non-athletes should try to have top notch performing joints so that they can walk properly, run when needed and become less prone to injury when playing sports. Of all [...]

How to Create the Perfect Workout Wardrobe

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These days it’s not enough to just live a quiet, peaceful life – arguably, the more quiet and inactive your life, the more you place yourself at risk of the ailments that can befall a sedentary person. No, these days it’s more important than ever to be active, if only to counteract the potentially unhealthy [...]

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