New Season New You: How to Renew Your Fitness Goals Using Low Impact Exercises

If your exercise routine suffered during the winter months it’s time to get up and go at it again. The outdoors will soon be calling your name. Will you answer the call? Yes! Of course you will because that is what you live for. But wait. What about those pesky muscles and joints that are [...]

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5 Exercises to Prevent Shin Splints While Running

Shin Splints and running? They are almost always a “nasty” combination that runners want to avoid but because of bad habits in running almost always cannot avoid. This indeed is a painful injury especially if you still plan to run even if you have the condition. So, if you are looking for an article to [...]

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Fitness For Women: 5 Good Reasons Why Women Should Lift Weights

Let’s Get Physical! Physical! Getting into physical fitness is all the rage these days, and that’s as it should be. This isn’t to alienate anyone who isn’t, yet, but more to affirm the effort and dedication of those who are – while we’ve always on some level known how important physical fitness is, and while [...]

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New to CrossFit? 8 Top Tips For CrossFit Beginners

  Have you recently gotten hooked on keeping fit? If so, you’re far from alone. Lots of people these days have come to really make physical fitness a core part of their lives, due to the many benefits of it that they have come to more fully understand and appreciate. Of course, we’ve always known [...]

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CrossFit 101: What to Expect on Day 1 of Your CrossFit Class

If you’ve caught the fitness bug, you’re joining a large part of the population that has embraced the renewed drive toward physical fitness and health that modern life has rekindled. People nowadays are much more keenly aware of the need to stay healthy, to the point of learning a new perspective toward some of the [...]

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Crossfit for Dummies: 10 Ways to Injure Proof Yourself While Training

Have you ever considered trying crossfit but have second thoughts because of the number of injuries related to this training routine, well there are ways to injury proof yourself. Read on and find out how to injure proof yourself while doing crossfit. Crossfit is now one of the more popular methods not just in making [...]

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Wrist Yoga Exercise: 5 Yoga Poses For Strengthening Your Wrist

While the fitness stereotypes of decades past involved mostly muscleheaded beach bodies that sought to bench press a ton, or aerobics addicts who stepped and kicked and wooo’d their way to thinness, these days we’re far more grounded about it. The pursuit of fitness helps a person combat stress, mainly by giving them a physical [...]

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4 Exercises To Keep Elbows Healthy and Prevent Injuries

If you know the old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, you are probably praying that you’ve done enough of the former that you’ll never have to test the latter. And why not? Keeping the body healthy and spry is a much better way to live than scrambling to figure [...]

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Compression Garments: A Perfect Fit For Your Active Lifestyle

What Are Compression Garments? If you’re anything like the rest of modern society, you’re noticing the benefits of living an active lifestyle. Making time to hit the gym or simply to go jogging or walking can have a lot of small but noticeable benefits, mainly involving the improvement of one’s cardio, burning some pounds, and [...]

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Best Hand Exercises to Ease Arthritis Pain

There are more things that we can do these days than there were for us growing up, thanks to the emergence of new technology and new ways of doing things. However, it can be difficult to fully take advantage of this interesting new situation when we find ourselves beset by maladies. These can truly get [...]

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