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WATCH: The Best Compression Sleeves For Performance, Recovery, & Relief

CopperJoint specializes in products that are designed to enhance performance, speed recovery, and provide relief from injury, inflammation, and arthritis. Whether you're base jumping, bike riding, or simply bird sighting, your body can experience throbbing inflammation, stinging injury, frustrating fatigue, and even inhibiting arthritis. That’s why we created CopperJoint’s copper-infused compression sleeves. From wrist to [...]

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The 5 Best Things You Can Do to Promote Workout Recovery

Ugh! Getting back into a workout routine feels great… until the soreness sets in! We all know that consistent exercise offers so many benefits for our body and brain. But before the benefits kick in, it may seem that sore muscles, stiff joints, and fatigue are all we  gain. At CopperJoint, we know that you’re [...]

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New Season New You: How to Renew Your Fitness Goals Using Low Impact Exercises

If your exercise routine suffered during the winter months it’s time to get up and go at it again. The outdoors will soon be calling your name. Will you answer the call? Yes! Of course you will because that is what you live for. But wait. What about those pesky muscles and joints that are [...]

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3 Joint Pain Exercises that Will Relieve Pain & Renew Your System

Nothing makes us more conscious of the passage of time quite like daylight savings. It messes with our internal clock, our daily routine, and even our health. An extra hour of sleep really does make a difference, doesn’t it? But alas, come April, you’ll be walking around with an hour less of REM, and when [...]

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I Cannot Tell A Lie

This President’s Day, we thought we’d bring you testimonials from some of our nation's leading authorities on the value of feeling great in order to get the job done. See how CopperJoint’s compression products could have assisted the leaders of the U.S.A. *DISCLAIMER: Although the following testimonials are entirely not real, we’re pretty sure they [...]

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Feel the Love, Not the Arthritis

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, love is in the air – but for many of us so is the cold which can often exacerbate arthritis. We can’t control the weather, but we can do much to control our joint pain from arthritis. As we celebrate love in February, we challenge you to celebrate [...]

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12 Best Foods for Arthritis This Holiday Season

It can be difficult to be as healthy as we’d like, one has to admit, especially these days. The world has only gotten more and more stressful and toxic, and while we do what we can to weather the storm it’s not always easy. We try to adapt to this through fortifying our bodies and [...]

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Enjoy These Top 3 Avocado Recipes While Managing Your Joint Pain

Eating healthy is all the rage again, even more popular than it already was in recent years. While it’s always been generally accepted that eating the right kinds of food is just common sense for human beings, recently this sort of proper dining has become much more widely accepted. People have come to embrace eating [...]

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Avocado Benefits: 8 Proven Nutritional Facts of Avocado

You Need To Step Up On Your Health! If you believe yourself to be living a healthy lifestyle but all you do as part of that is exercise, might not have the whole picture. Sure, no one can deny the health benefits of keeping the body moving and developing through exercise, but there’s something to [...]

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Cleansing and Detox: What are the Differences and Benefits?

Getting and staying healthy these days is not as easy as it used to be – or it’s easier than it ever was. That is, depending on who you talk to. The latter is currently a more persuasive way of looking at things, given how many more options people have these days for getting in [...]

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